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Around 1970, three attorneys, Thomas W. Baden, who had been practicing in a firm with his father; James H. Scheper, who after working as an adjuster for an insurance company, had just graduated from law school; and Charles H. Jones, who had a long career with Champion, and had been working at the Probate Court; formed the law firm known as Baden, Jones & Scheper. A few years later they added Matthew J. Crehan, who had vast experience with the FBI while obtaining his law degree. They then incorporated as Baden, Jones, Scheper & Crehan Co., L.P.A. in September 1975.

Each attorney quickly established themselves as preeminent attorneys in the County in their various fields. Within a few years, the firm added James G. Robinson and Jack C. McGowan as partners. The firm was well known as one of the finest firms in the County, both from a skill and professionalism standpoint.

Of these attorneys, Charlie Jones concentrated his practice in Estate Planning, Probate, Real Estate, and similar types of law. It was determined that Charlie needed some assistance and was looking for an associate. I obtained an interview with Charlie and within about 20 minutes was offered a position, which I accepted. When I first started with the firm in November of 1977, their office space was on the top floor of the First National Bank of Hamilton building on Third and High Streets. The firm was making arrangements to move to 222 High Street within a few months after I joined the firm. Thus, I did not initially have an office and was relegated to a corner table in Charlie’s office. I probably learned more about law and how to deal with people in those four months from Charlie than I did in four years of law school.

Charlie was clearly my mentor and I couldn’t have picked a better example. The environment at that time for learning the practice could not have been better. The other partners were always helpful and supportive and we spent many a Friday after work around our conference room table, sipping on a drink from our small bar in the room and discussing present cases or anything else of interest

I became a Partner of the firm in 1981 and the firm continued to grow in both size and reputation, despite the untimely death of Tom Baden in 1986, Matt Crehan’s decision to become Common Pleas Judge, and Charlie’s decision to “semi-retire”. The Partnership brought in some excellent attorneys after me, many of whom are still practicing. The firm moved into the building at 246 High Street in 1990. However, as it happens with many Partnerships, differences occurred among the Partners, and a series of splits took place in the 1990’s. Eventually, I became the sole Partner of Baden & Jones Co., L.P.A. However, I still maintain good relations with all the “alums” of Baden & Jones.

I am asked many times why I keep the firm name and/or don’t add my name to the firm. I have kept it the way it is for a number of reasons. First of all, I will always be grateful to the original Partners who hired me and took me under their wing and gave me the guidance and confidence on how to be and act like an attorney, maintaining good work ethic. I don’t recall any time I ever had a cross word with any of my colleagues. In addition, I am honored to be associated with this high quality firm and strive to uphold to their standards. I have fond memories of those early years when the law practice was not so hectic. Although the legacy of Baden & Jones Co., L.P.A. may end when I stop practicing, I will always feel that connection. While it is not normal for a sole practitioner to keep the name of their old firm, it is not an unusual practice for firms to continue, even though the attorneys associated with the firm name are no longer practicing.

Thus, I emphasize to my clients that I am in charge, and I am the sole person responsible for my work. I continue to use the name Baden & Jones Co., L.P.A. in honor of my predecessors and partners.

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