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I am honored and lucky to have such a wonderful and capable staff. As you will see, we have been together so long that we often say “when one of us retires we are all going to have to retire”.

Nancy Hunter is my Legal Secretary and has been with me since 1989, but has worked for Baden & Jones in other capacities since 1984. She has the unenviable job of keeping my calendar straight and trying to interpret my dictation.

Diane Cox is my Legal Assistant. She has had no formal training as a Paralegal, but in my opinion, she knows more about Real Estate law and Probate law than most Paralegals and many attorneys (although she is quick to point out that she cannot give legal advice directly any client). Diane started with the law firm in 1975 while in high school as a Court runner, before I was here, and out of high school became a Secretary, where I determined that her skills were more valuable in learning the practice.

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