Areas of Practice

While over the years he has had experience in many areas of the law, Jonathon O. Nerenberg is most experienced in and today spends most of his practice with estate planning, real estate, probate, business and tax matters.

Estate Planning Estate Planning Documents

I believe the primary goals of “estate planning” include (1) keeping the client in control of his estate as long as he or she is able, (2) making sure the client’s wishes as to providing for heirs and beneficiaries are carried out, and (3) to make sure the estate can be handled in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Every adult American should have an estate plan, no matter how simple, that is designed with him, or her, in mind.

My services include:

Basic documents          

  • Wills, powers of attorney, health care powers and living wills
  • Review of deeds and other documents to attempt to avoid probate

Additional Planning

  • Revocable living Trusts
  • Tax provisions in the Trust
  • Life Insurance Trusts
  • Charitable and family gifting strategies
  • Tax issues
  • “Special Needs” issues for families with disabled children

Elder Issues

  • Dealing with current or potential nursing home/Medicaid issues


Real Estate Deed Document

Since almost my first day in the practice, I have been performing or overseeing the examination of titles, to insure a buyer is buying a clean title. I am licensed to issue Title Insurance, which I recommend in certain circumstances, and I operate a title company, Attorney’s Title Agency Of Butler County, Inc., to handle real estate closings.

My services include:

All aspects of a real estate transaction

  • Preparation of deeds, promissory notes, mortgages and closing statement
  • Simply reviewing documents prepared by another attorney or closing company prior to closing

Preparation of Leases, land contracts and options to purchase.

Additional issues

  • title problems
  • tax appraisal issues
  • income tax consequences
  • zoning Issues
  • landlord-tenant issues


Probate Power of Attorney Document

I advise families of deceased persons or persons needing guardianships about the legal and other requirements. Whether probate (court supervised administration) is or is not necessary, there are often financial, business, tax and other decisions to be made and actions to be taken.

My services include:

All aspects of probating a decedent’s estate

  • how to probate as inexpensively and efficiently as possible
  • assist heirs in avoiding disputes and prolonging the process
  • advice on Ohio and federal income tax issues, federal estate tax issues

All aspects of a guardianship

  • options to avoid a Court supervised guardianship
  • documents needed to process a guardianship
  • advice on how to expend funds from  guardianship assets


Business and Tax Tax Documents

I give advice and assist persons who are establishing new businesses and what is the proper entity to be used. I believe it is important to keep current on federal, state and local tax matters so I can advise clients on all the above matters on tax consequences.

My services include:

Setting up a new business 

  • setting up limited liability companies (LLC), partnerships or corporations
  • shareholder or partnership agreements
  • advice on Ohio and federal income tax issues

Tax Issues

  • income tax preparation
  • assist with tax problems with IRS or local tax agencies

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