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Jonathon-O-Nerenberg-photoMeet Jon….

I wrote my career book in eighth grade on being an attorney and I have not veered since. That was at Roosevelt Junior High in Middletown, Ohio, where I was born, raised and graduated.



College Education:  I went to Indiana University for two years and transferred and graduated from The Ohio State University. Because I knew I was going into law, I chose to major in business and graduated with a B.S.B.A degree having majored in the honors accounting program at The Ohio State.

Law School:   After College, I moved to Monroe, Ohio, where I still live. I went to law school at Salmon P. Chase College Of Law, which was an independent law school in downtown Cincinnati, and had just become and still is a part of the Northern Kentucky University System.

Chase was a night/weekend college on a four year program. During those years I was employed full time by First National Bank Of Cincinnati (now U.S. Bank) in their Trust Department, pension and profit sharing section. So while I was working on my law degree studies, I also learned about Trust law, ERISA law and tax implications. I graduated from Chase College of Law in 1977.

Baden & Jones Co., L.P.A.:   I was hired right out of law school by Charles Jones, one of the managing partners of the law firm then known as Baden, Jones, Scheper & Crehan Co. L.P.A. (see history on next page). I became a partner myself within four years. The main office has been in downtown Hamilton all these years with a branch office in Oxford until 1994.


MagistrateMagistrate in four Courts:  A magistrate is a person appointed to preside over cases similar to a judge. Since 1998, I have been a magistrate of Monroe’s Mayor’s Court (appointed by the City Mayor and Council), which handles all traffic and misdemeanor cases (i.e., DUI’s, thefts, disorderly, etc.) that are written up by Monroe Police and sent to Mayor’s Court. Court is held two days per month.

Since 2004, I have been a magistrate in the three Butler County Area Courts (appointed by the three presiding judges and Butler County Commissioners).  I handle all the civil matters in each Court (small claims cases, evictions and any other civil action).  I hold Court in each Area Court once a week.

State of Ohio
United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
United States Tax Court

Ohio State Bar Association
Butler County Bar Association


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